Our Fees- Pay as you go

You do not need private health care insurance to use our services. We are a pay as you go healthcare service.

At present, we are unable to take payments via Insurance companies – this is in progress and will be available very soon.

Appointments, Prescriptions

Patient ServicesFee
GP Appointment 30mins (face to face)£170
GP Appointment 15mins (face to face)£90
GP Telephone Appointment / Video 15mins£85
Nurse Appointment 30mins (face to face)£80
Nurse Appointment 15mins (face to face)£45
Nurse Telephone Appointment£40
ECG Analysis£85
Repeat Prescriptions (No CDs)£45

Other Patient Services

Patient ServicesFee
AMH Antimullerian Hormone£104
Blood Group (ABO)£35
Bone profile£65
(Npro) BNP£109
Chicken Pox Immunity testing£55
Coeliac testing£80
COVID 19 testing£51
CRP (infection/inflammation marker)£30
Ear Irrigation (Syringing) (1 ear)£45
D-dimer (DVT/PE/VTE)£65
Full blood count (FBC)£22
(Blood) Glucose£18.50
Haematinics (Iron profile)£62.50
HbA1C (blood sugar control)£32.50
HepB Immunity Core M Ab£35
Hepatitis screening£145
HIV Duo Testing£30
Renal/kidney function (U&Es)£23
Lipid/Cholesterol Profile£27
Liver function tests (LFTs)£20
Menopause / Female Hormone profile£165
Ovarian tumour marker Ca125£42
Prostate specific antigen (PSA)£38.50
Rheumatoid + Anti-CCP Abs£64
Thyroid function tests (TFTs basic)£32
TFTs Panel£187.50
Uric Acid (gout)£17.50
Varicella IgM (Shingles / Chicken Pox)£55
Vitamin D levels£54
Shingles Vaccination (2 x required months apart)£245 each
Diabetic Check
(HbA1C, lipids, U&Es, foot check and medication review)
B12 IM Injection£55
Faecal Calprotectin (inflam bowel)£65
Faecal Elastase (pancreatic insuff)£72.50
Faecal occult blood testing (bowel screen)£36
Fertility Blood testsPOA
Harmony Prenatal£507
Helicobacter Pylori£80
Holiday Clinic (Vaccinations)POA
Malaria parasites£32
Malaria Abs£70
MRSA testing (swabs, nasal / throat & groin)£82
Myeloma Screen£662.50
Nail clippings£80
Post vasectomy semen analysis£22
Pregnancy Blood test£35
Pregnancy urine test£20
Cervical Smears with HPV testing
Cervical Smears offered outside the NHS programme (includes cytology and HPV screen)
STI testing Urine (Full)£163.50
STI simple PCR (chl/gonn)£73.50
Stools gastrointestinal panel£113.50
Urine ACR (diabetic check)£30
Urine dipstick£15
Urine & PCR swab herpes£97
Urine MCS (lab assessment)£30
Skin scapings analysis£66
Stool ova parasitic analysis£70
Swab (specify area) per swab£63

Medicals Available

Patient ServicesFee
HGV Medical
(Patient to bring in DVLA paperwork to be completed during appt)
Women’s Health Medical
(Cervical Smears + breast screening & Cardiac (ecg, BP)
Respiratory and Abdo and Neuro Exams)
Cervical Smears offered outside the NHS programme (includes cytology and HPV screen)
(1hr total face to face with Nurse & GP)
Men’s Health Medical
(Testicular, Cardiac (ECG, BP), Respiratory and Abdo and Neuro Exams )
(1hr total face to face with Nurse & GP)
Individualised Private Medicals depending on needPOA

Blood Combination Screens Available

Patient ServicesFee
Male Hormone Panel£165
Female Hormone Panel£165
FBC / Biochem / Lipids / Thyroid +/- PSA£86 / £102
Well woman’s bloods / Well man’s bloods£200
Postnatal maternal checks with GP (30mins)£170
New Born baby checks with GP (30mins) & completion of Red Book£175

IgE Allergy

Patient ServicesFee
Pre-school immunisationsPOA
Baby Immunisations 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks (3 appts)£145
Folate Ferritin B12POA