Bowel Cancer Screening

The NHS Bowel Cancer Screening initiative aims to detect the potential presence of bowel cancer in individuals aged 60 to 74 years. This program is gradually expanding its reach to include individuals aged 50 to 59 years over a four-year period, commencing in April 2021.

Participation involves using a convenient home test kit known as a faecal immunochemical test (FIT). By collecting a small sample and sending it to a lab, the test assesses for minute traces of blood, which could indicate the presence of polyps or bowel cancer. While polyps are non-cancerous growths in the bowel, they may develop into cancer over time.

If any abnormalities are detected during the screening, individuals may be advised to undergo further tests at a hospital to either confirm or rule out the possibility of cancer. It is crucial to note that if you experience symptoms of bowel cancer at any age, it is imperative to consult with a GP promptly. Even if you have recently completed an NHS bowel cancer screening test kit, do not delay seeking medical attention for any concerning symptoms.

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